The Travel Bucket List

Everyone has a travel bucket list – a fantasy list of the exotic places they hope to visit one day complete with stamps in a passport.

Hours of daydreaming can be lost to constructing the ultimate list. The mere mention of a far away land can spark new ideas and for each location crossed off, several more are usually added.

Each year, publications  release ‘Best Places to Travel’ lists for wanderlusters around the globe looking for inspiration and information.

Lonely Planet has rated Botswana in Africa as the number one travel hotspot for 2016. Rio de Janeiro is preparing for a deluge of tourists as the host of the 2016 Olympics this summer. And Croatia is enjoying a tourism boost as Game of Thrones fans flock to the Mediterranean country where scenes for the hit show have been filmed.

There is no one-size-fits-all for an ultimate travel list. Some people want luxury resorts, others are travelling on a tight budget and adventure seekers are always on the look out for a challenge.

Below is my own (current) travel bucket list. It’s a mixture of adventure, culture and luxury. I have no idea when I will cross the destinations off the list, but wishing and planning is all part of the enjoyment of travel.

Let me know what you think and feel free to comment with your own wish list.


1. Spain

Spain is number one on the list for many reasons. There are beaches for relaxing, mountains for exploring, cities for culture, amazing food and a warm climate.

The eccentric architecture of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona is just screaming to be photographed. The Camino de Santiago offers a reflective pilgrimage across the Pyrenees, and the Balearic Islands are the ultimate party location during the summer months.

Spain is simply a hot spot of culture and makes it to the top spot right now.


2. Peru

No travel bucket list would be complete without Peru’s famous Machu Picchu.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists are drawn to the mysterious Incan citadel high up in the Andes Mountains. Hiking along the Inca Trail is the most popular route, leading to panoramic views from the UNESCO World Heritage Site while standing on top of the world.

Pure adventure.


3. Morocco

Morocco is tucked away in the North West of Africa with a diverse landscape and cultural heritage. 

It is known for its hippy trail history and conjures images of an exotic land fused with European influences.

Marrakech is also increasingly being populated with high end resorts and retreats, making it a luxury travel destination with an alternative vibe.


4. India

Many travellers talk about India as the ultimate destination. A place for spiritual exploration and personal development.

India is a country with a big heart and an even bigger population. It’s the motherland of yoga and the location for backpackers on a mission for an authentic travelling experience. 

India is total culture and provides a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.


5. Myanmar

Lastly, Myanmar (formerly Burma), simply because it looks beautiful.

The South East Asian country is the home of tropical jungles and stunning temples. Myanmar is also still untouched by full scale tourism following decades of military junta rule, adding an element of mystery and intrigue.

Adventure and culture rolled into one.

Images credit: iStock

7 thoughts on “The Travel Bucket List”

  1. Alie and I are greedy; we want to see everything. But fortunately we have found wonderful memories in unexpected places. Now we travel for the journey, not the destination.


  2. I didn’t research much about Gaudi before visiting Barcelona, but wow it definitely NEEDS photographing! Seeing it all in person was really awe-inspiring.

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  3. You are absolutely right that “top” destinations will differ from person to person because we are each kindof unique. I say kindof because we are fed a daily dose of influence of where to go and what to see (and what to do…). It would really be a treat to travel for the memories and experience. That journey can be right in your own backyward!

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