The Italian Day Trip

There is an art to a successful day trip.

The destination has to be within easy travelling distance, but not too close so that it feels like home.

It has to be interesting and worth the effort, but not too exciting, which could make it difficult to leave.

Basically, the purpose of a day trip is to snatch a glimpse into somewhere new. To enjoy a change of scene, take a few photographs, sample the cuisine and go home happy.

Last week, in pursuit of a new place but with only one day for exploring, we drove two hours south from Oberndorf in Tirol, Austria, to Brixen in Südtirol, Italy.

Südtirol is Italy’s northernmost province and home to the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The landscape is dotted with churches, forts, castles and of course, stunning mountains. The region bridges Austrian and Italian culture, and the locals are multilingual, speaking Italian, German and English.

Brixen is a quaint town with historic architecture and winding streets. We visited on a Sunday so the town was quiet but we still managed to find a stylish spot for a late lunch of pizza and rosé wine.

Kutscherhof restaurant is slightly hidden by a wall of ivy but has a large patio that was bustling with diners and busy staff. The service was a little slow but the pizza and wine were perfect for a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

Afterwards, it was time for a smooth Italian macchiato, a stroll in the sunshine, then back to the car for the drive home. It was a Sunday well spent and I’m looking forward to further trips exploring Südtirol.

Feel free to comment below with any tips for day tripping locations.

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