Forever Curious

The definition of curiosity is a desire to learn or know about anything. Pure inquisitiveness. I have always been curious. In my younger years I would jump from hobby to hobby, going to dance classes one month, then playing the violin the next. In my late teens and early 20’s, my curiosity lured me in the direction of pubs, bars and festivals. Then a few years later, it catapulted me onto a travelling adventure that would span seven years (and still counting). They say curiosity killed the cat. But what they forgot to mention are all the adventures the cat enjoyed along the way.

So what piques ones curiosity? It can be a film, a book, a song, a photograph or the mere mention of a new place. I have always loved books and films based in different countries, and stories that offer a glimpse into another way of life. I studied journalism not just because I love writing, but because I love discovering something new. And I was drawn to travelling simply because I needed to explore. A nomadic lifestyle is not always an easy one, but it’s the only way for people who are forever curious.

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