Moroccan Magic

Morocco. An exotic land in northern Africa with desert dunes, a rich culture and a rugged coastline.

The name conjures images of sipping on mint tea while people watching in a busy medina. Wandering along narrow streets and shopping in a maze of souqs. Camel trekking in the desert and chilling out with the surfers at the Atlantic Ocean coast.

Lonely Planet describes Morocco as one of Africa’s most diverse countries and it has long been a destination I have been waiting to visit. After debating a few different destinations for a September trip, the decision was made to book Morocco and I am super excited.

After a busy year of relocating (again) across the world, exploring and working, some relaxation is definitely needed. What could be better than a surf and yoga camp in Taghazout after a few days in Marrakesh? It sounds perfect.

Now the countdown begins. Oh the excitement of booking a new trip. It makes everything else seem worthwhile.

Have you been to Morocco? Do you have any travel tips for Marrakesh and Taghazout? Feel free to comment below.


Image credit: iStock

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