Paragliding in Tirol

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly? To glide through the clouds and see the world from up above?

Flying is not a natural activity for us humans. We like to keep our feet on the ground. Floating around in the air without being immediately dragged back down by gravity is not something we get to experience every day. Apart from people that go paragliding.

Last weekend, I went paragliding for the first time in Wildsch├Ânau. I have long admired paragliders and the way they gracefully soar through the air. It always looks so calm and peaceful, and that is exactly how it is in real life.

After a short run to the edge of the mountain, the wind picks up the fabric wing and lifts the paraglide off the ground. Suddenly, feet are dangling in the air and flying becomes a reality. The houses below look tiny and the winding, mountain roads zig zag through the trees. The view from above is beautiful.

If thermic conditions are good, people can fly for hours and my pilot told me he spends most weekends up in the air. The flying lifestyle is addictive, and now I know why.

Tandem paraglide with Flugeschule Wildsch├Ânau, Tirol, Austria. Images taken with a GoPro.


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