Online Travel & Lifestyle Inspiration

Most people have an online ritual. A few selected websites they regularly visit for news, information, tips and entertainment.

Social media and email is part of my daily routine, along with The Guardian and checking the weather. But what about other online sources of information? Travel? Style? Activities? Everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time so these are my favourite sites that keep me on my toes, inspire me to keep writing and playing with photography (click on the links to check them out).

The Viennese Girl – Vienna is a city I have wanted to visit for a long time so I love anything related to it. The website is very chic with excellent photography and engaging writing. It’s easy to see why The Viennese Girl is so successful.

A Burmese Girl’s Diary – For the beautiful photographs and wise words offering a snapshot into Burmese life.

Jojotastic – I love this website for offering design inspiration with a side of charming writing. The photography is great and there is also an Instagram account worth following.

The Vienna Blog – Vienna is at the top of my wish list right now. Reading The Vienna Blog is another way to keep the wanderlust pumping with its tips and recommendations for life in Austria’s capital.

Lazy Desperados – I recently found this photography duo on Instagram and their striking images are worth checking out for some travel inspiration.

The Wandering Yogis – For my inner yogi and gypsy spirit that is always ready for the next adventure.

Which blogs and websites do you like to follow? Comment below with any online gems.

girl on a rock suns
Image credit: iStock

2 thoughts on “Online Travel & Lifestyle Inspiration”

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