Yoga On The Road

Maintaining a regular yoga practice while travelling can be a tricky process.

Most yogis like to practice at their favourite studio, go to a particular class and learn from their best-loved instructors. It becomes a comforting routine. Going to the same place and seeing familiar faces.

Routine can be good. It provides structure. But what happens to that routine when travelling? That’s when the magic happens.

New places and new experiences bring a fresh perspective towards all aspects of life, including yoga. I first experienced yoga while I was living in Sydney. The studio overlooked a beach and I remember the feeling of complete relaxation at the end of my first candlelight Yin class with the sound of the ocean in the background. Pure bliss.

I have since practiced in New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada and Austria. Sometimes it’s hard to find a place I like but trying out different studios and teachers has allowed me to sample different styles of yoga. I started with Hatha and Yin, flirted with Bikram for a while, got intense with Power and spent a few weeks with restorative after injuring my back. My yoga love though is Vinyassa and when I can’t make it to the studio I practice at home, flowing through the movements in my living room.

Basically, yoga is accessible anywhere and everywhere. If you’re reading this and are new to the practice, get out there and try different styles, different instructors. If you’re on the road, have a go at hotel room yoga or find a local studio and have a new experience. It might just open up a whole new yoga world for you. You never know until you try.

Silhouette of a women doing yoga next to a bike at sunset
Image Credit: iStock

3 thoughts on “Yoga On The Road”

  1. Totally inspiring. I absolutely love this blog, it makes me want to go to yoga and to travel:))) Love the part when you write, “That is when the magic happens.” It’s wonderful.

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