Discovering Morocco

Morocco is a land of adventure, glamour and mystery.

It feels European, African and Arabian, all at the same time. It’s a travel friendly country but with a hint of danger around the edges. The cities revolve around traditions, but are still moving with modern times. Basically, Morocco is an intoxicating blend of deserts, mountains, beaches, cities, poverty and luxury.

Visiting Morocco is a dream for many and I was fortunate to finally touch down on Moroccan soil last month. We spent a few days in the bustling Marrakech Medina before travelling to the Atlantic Coast for a week in the small surf town of Taghazout. Marrakech is exciting and crazy, everything I imagined it to be. Taghazout is quaint and welcoming, but blighted by pollution and construction.

The trip was a mixture of ups and downs and ten days was not enough. The first few days were a whirlwind of new sights, smells and sounds. Then, just as I felt like I was getting to know Morocco it was time to leave. Perhaps I will have to return one day, but for now, here are a few images for all you wanderlusters out there.


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