Winter is here. The mountains are white and the trees are dusted with snow. The air is icy and the nights are long. Autumn has been and gone, and winter has taken its place.

The last couple of weeks of the year are always magical. The sun hangs low in the sky, twinkling lights brighten up the dark nights, and Christmas parties fill up the calendar. There is change in the air as people look forward to the next year while reminiscing over the last.

For me, while the world went a little crazy in 2016, mountains were a recurring theme. The year started in Canada with hikes in the coastal BC mountains, and is ending in Austria in the Tirolean winter wonderland. The landscape here is as beautiful in the summer as it is in the winter, but there is something extra special about snowcapped mountains. This part of the world is made for winter, and the season is just beginning.

So for some winter inspiration, here are a few images from Austria as the cold sets in and 2016 comes to an end.




Images taken at Bichalm (1600m) in Kitzbühel, Tirol

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