Solo Travel

Standing in the queue to go through immigration at Hanoi airport in Vietnam is where it started. The realisation that I was alone in South East Asia with my backpack finally hit me. There was no turning back, meaning the only option was to embrace it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. It was terrifying and exciting at the same time.

Solo travel was a huge milestone in life for me. It represented freedom, independence, adventure and courage. The two-month trip back in 2012 was originally planned with a boyfriend, but after an unexpected break-up I left Sydney alone to explore Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. The silver-lining of that heartbreak was that I never realised how much I wanted to experience solo travel until the situation was forced upon me. Sometimes life’s twists and turns really do send us in the right direction, leaving us with memories of adventures with strangers in exotic places.

Now, five years later, exploring Vietnam seems like a million years ago, and much has changed since then. It’s a reminder that life is always moving forward, and we should never be afraid to take a chance on the unknown.







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