Last year I travelled to Budapest. It was my first time in Hungary and we drove from Tirol in Austria, to Vienna and then across to Hungary. The landscape changed dramatically along the way from mountains in Tirol and Salzburg, to urban sprawl outside Vienna and then flat stretches of land dotted with wind turbines as we crossed over the border from Austria.

The difference in landscape wasn’t the only change either. Stopping at a service station just inside Hungary it was immediately clear we were in another country. It felt … Soviet. But then again, the former Soviet Union is a part of Hungary’s history. Similarly, Budapest is a blend of modern life intertwined with grand Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture (as well as other periods). Again, a reflection of Hungary’s rich and varied history.  It was a pleasure to wander around Budapest with my camera and, although a little late, here is a short series of photographs from that trip.







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