travel accessories

Travel accessories worth the investment

Fashion isn’t something that we often think about when it comes to travel. But perhaps it should be.

Do you dress a certain way for work? Or maybe you use fashion as a way to feel more confident and empowered when you’re in a social situation. The same can be applied to travel.

Confidence is important when travelling, especially when exploring new countries and talking to strangers. That’s why looking for ways to boost your confidence is never a bad idea.

Yes, we know no one is really travelling right now. But that doesn’t stop us planning for the future when we will be able to travel again.

So, in this article we’re going to look at some fashionable travel accessories that are well worth the investment.

A sturdy suitcase

Buying a suitcase might sound boring and practical. But it can actually add some colour and style to your travel outfits.

Ideally, you want a suitcase that comes from a reputable brand and is known for being durable. There are many suitcase manufacturers out there that use low-quality materials just to fit a unique design. Needless to say, this can impact the quality and have an impact on your holiday experience (no one wants a broken suitcase wheel).

Our advice is to choose a solid, well-built suitcase over a fun design to make sure it lasts.

A fashionable hat or two

Hats are a great way to protect yourself from the sun when you’re travelling to a hot destination. But you don’t want to end up wearing a scruffy baseball cap to a fancy waterside restaurant, so think about investing in a couple of styles.

We suggest a casual style for activities like hiking and going to the beach. And a stylish option for city sight seeing or more upmarket places.

Remember, hats are more than just a functional piece of clothing. When paired with the right outfit they can really make a statement.

An extra pair of glasses

If you wear glasses then you’ll know that changing the pair you wear can have a surprisingly dramatic effect on your appearance.

The way glasses frame your face can change your overall appearance. Especially if you get an extra pair that is completely different to what you wear at home.

Then there is the practical reason to pack a second pair of glasses. If you don’t see well then it’s never a bad idea to have another pair in your suitcase in case of emergencies.

Whether you lose them or they become damaged, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a foreign country without being able to see properly.

A stylish travel bag

Investing in a bag specifically for travel can be a great investment and one that will last you for years if done correctly.

Bags become a part of your overall outfit. This means it’s important to pick something that blends in with your style. And for travel, it’s best to choose a neutral colour that will work with anything.

You should also consider the practical elements and safety of a bag before buying one. For example, locking mechanisms are very important for travel, as well as pockets to store various items. And don’t forget the criteria for carry-on luggage so you can take it with you on a plane.

Finding your travel style

Most people’s travel style looks a little different from what they wear at home. And when travelling, it’s a good idea to pick items that not only look great, but are functional enough to handle any unexpected challenges that might come your way.

So, happy shopping and enjoy planning your future travel trips!

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