Why Portugal should be on your travel wish list

In some parts of the world, the pandemic situation is starting to look more positive and the vaccine rollout means that things will hopefully get back to normal soon.

For a lot of people, this means a chance to travel again in the future, but it’s still important to consider safety. Just because the situation is improving, it doesn’t mean that COVID has gone away completely.

When traveling during COVID, you should always find countries that are relatively safe, so you reduce the risk to yourself and others.

Portugal is quickly becoming one of those places.

After the first wave of lockdown restrictions last year, Portugal emerged as one of the safest countries in the world after managing the pandemic well.

Portugal was even the first European country to be awarded the Safe Travels Certification by the World Travel and Tourism Council. 

Towards the end of 2020 and through the beginning of 2021, Portugal experienced a big increase in cases, but this is starting to reverse. Hopefully, this means that it will be a safe country again when things start to open up. 

Why is Portugal the best destination?

Beautiful beaches are a big attraction for a lot of tourists in Portugal and there are plenty of beaches that are only accessible by the sea.

This is perfect because these beaches tend to be a lot quieter, which means that it’s easier to observe social distancing and enjoy your day on the beach safely. 

Portugal isn’t just about beaches though.

If you want to visit somewhere safe, you should consider the Azores. This small, autonomous archipelago is filled with beautiful lakes and small fishing villages. Plus, it’s very secluded.

Check out Azores News to learn more about the region. Even if you have been to Portugal before, you will get a very different experience if you visit the Azores instead of going to popular tourist spots like the Algarve. 

Portugal is also a beautiful country to drive in and there are some amazing scenic routes along the coast in the Algarve. Avoiding busy public transport is still important, so being able to hire a car and drive between places easily is a big bonus. 

Travel in 2021

Travel is going to be very different for the next few months at least, if not longer.

There will be restrictions in place for a while and you will have to be selective about where you go. But if you are desperate to go on a trip as soon as it’s safe to do so, Portugal is a good option.

Looking for some more travel inspiration? Check out our guide to working and travelling overseas.

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