A short ferry ride away from Vancouver is the sleepy town of Gibsons located on the Sunshine Coast. Gibsons is home to fishermen and artists, seafood cuisine and spectacular views across the coastline. Life is slower than in cosmopolitan Vancouver, the clouds hang even lower and the ocean air bites. The rain rolls in and out and fishing… Continue reading Gibsons


The climb

Majestic, mighty, magnificent. Mountains draw people in, lure them away from the flat ground down below by the promise of adventure and exploration. People will walk, run and climb to reach the peak, to feel the burn and stand on top of the world. The challenge is not just physical, it takes drive to keep going and… Continue reading The climb

Escape the rain

It’s winter in Vancouver, it’s raining and the sun has barely made an appearance for weeks. The mighty, coastal mountains are hidden behind thick grey clouds and venturing outside without an umbrella quickly becomes a foolish mistake. I dream of tropical beaches and warmer climates but my reality is Canada, so it’s time to accept the wet weather and… Continue reading Escape the rain