Lunch in Misurina

A few hours south of Tirol in Austria lies another Tirol. Südtirol in northern Italy. Südtirol is home to turquoise lakes, rustic pizzerias and the legendary Dolomites mountain range. A sprawling expanse of peaks in the Italian Alps and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temptation of exploring a new region was too hard to resist, so we… Continue reading Lunch in Misurina


The Italian Day Trip

There is an art to a successful day trip. The destination has to be within easy travelling distance, but not too close so that it feels like home. It has to be interesting and worth the effort, but not too exciting, making it difficult to leave. The purpose of a day trip is to snatch a… Continue reading The Italian Day Trip

How To Cook Like A Tirolean

Lesson number one. Use lots of cheese. And if cheese is not your style, then I'm afraid  you're out of luck. Especially when it comes to the traditional Tirolean dish of Käsespätzle, an Austrian version of macaroni and cheese. Cheese is in plentiful supply in the Austrian province of Tirol, and dairy-farming is big business throughout the… Continue reading How To Cook Like A Tirolean

Escape the rain

It’s winter in Vancouver, it’s raining and the sun has barely made an appearance for weeks. The mighty, coastal mountains are hidden behind thick grey clouds and venturing outside without an umbrella quickly becomes a foolish mistake. I dream of tropical beaches and warmer climates but my reality is Canada, so it’s time to accept the wet weather and… Continue reading Escape the rain