The View

An old farm house on a hill. No one lives there. Not anymore. Wallpaper is peeling from the walls inside and abandoned furniture is coated in dust and dirt. The wood is battered and bruised from being exposed to the elements without care and affection. It stands alone, surrounded by lush green fields and pretty yellow… Continue reading The View


Beautiful Bali

Bali has it all. Beaches for sun worshippers, surfing for adventurers, temples for culture fanatics, yoga for spiritual seekers and everything in between. On arrival in Bali*, the air is hot and heavy with the scent of clove cigarettes and incense. Tourists wear tank tops, drink Bintang and cruise around on scooters. The unlucky ones display their scrapes… Continue reading Beautiful Bali

The climb

Majestic, mighty, magnificent. Mountains draw people in, lure them away from the flat ground down below by the promise of adventure and exploration. People will walk, run and climb to reach the peak, to feel the burn and stand on top of the world. The challenge is not just physical, it takes drive to keep going and… Continue reading The climb

The Mount

Life at The Mount is chilled out. People take it easy, enjoy the beach, go for a surf and relax in cafes. Summertime is endless with barbecues and picnics. Palm trees line the streets and surfer boys longboard to the ocean with the wind in their hair. Officially, it's known as Mount Maunganui, but locals call it The Mount.… Continue reading The Mount